The Island Family 

The Island stove is available in three sizes with low legs. Other options include high  legs or a store stand and in a choice of eight Charnwood Colours

Island 1 Low Legs  

£1845.00 2-7kw (5KW Nominal)

Island 1 Store Stand 

£1992.00 2-7kw (5KW Nominal)

C4 High Legs

£1902.00 2-7kw (5KW Nominal) 

Island 11 Low Legs 

£2040.00 5-11kw (8KW Nominal)

Island 11 Store Stand

£2184.00 5-11kw (8KW Nominal)

Island 11 High Legs

£2094.00 5-11kw (8KW Nominal)

Island 111 Low Legs 

£2538.00 12KW

Island 11 Store Stand

£2682.00 12KW


Island 11 High Legs

£2592.00 12KW

Charnwood Island Stoves has revolutionised the Multi-fuel clean burning stove industry.The Charnwood Island  range is also Defra Approved. Choose from the Charnwood Island 1 (5kw) , Charnwood Island 2  (8kw) , Charnwood Island 3 (12kw). The Charnwood Island is an exceptional range with its simple to  use Quattroflow air control, simply push in to burn slower and pull out to burn faster. The cool touch handles with  the Island range means you can safely reload fuel. These stoves also come with a converting grate which allows  you to change the position of the grate for your chosen fuel which means you burn wood and solid fuel more  efficiently. The Islands are clean burn stoves with a preheated airwash system for clean glass. A traditional  double door design incorporating the latest Eco Design Ready technology. Available in eight colour options.