The Arc 5. A revolutionary new multi-fuel stove.

The Charnwood Arc 5 produces between 2-7kW of heat with a rated output of 5kW.  

Operated by one single air control the combustion system drastically reduces emissions  and gives a superior flame pattern. The Arc’s pared down simplicity makes for a  thoroughly stylish option for modern urban settings as well as more traditional homes. 


Arc 5 Low Stand (Multi-Fuel Stove)  

£1752.00  2-7kw (5KW Nominal)

Arc 5 Store Stand (Multi-Fuel Stove)

£1872.00 2-7kw (5KW

Nominal)  Arc 5 Optional

Draw £218.4

Arc 7

The Arc 7. A revolutionary new multi-fuel stove.

Charnwood Arc 7 produces between 5-11kW of heat with a rated output of 7kW. 

Arc 7 Low Stand (Multi-Fuel Stove)   

£2142.00 5-11kw (7KW Nominal)

Arc 7 Store Stand (Multi-Fuel Stove)

£2276.00 5-11kw (7KW

Arc 7 Optional Draw


Beneath the Arc’s clean, modern lines lies an innovative new combustion system that ensures the stove burns exceptionally clean with outstanding efficiencies of over 80%. So much so the Arc exceeds the new Eco Design standards and DEFRA exemption limits making this the ideal stove no  matter where you live. 

 Available in Eight Colours  

  • Bronze 
  • ∙ Pewter 
  • ∙ Brown 
  • ∙ Blue 
  • ∙ Green 
  • ∙ Almond 
  • ∙ Gunmetal 
  • ∙ Matt Black